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The hall is what first catches the attention of your guests. Because it matters, you need to consider the interior design for hall first. While the halls and living room are usually combined in many small houses due to the size, you can still display it with pride. Here are 10 creative ideas to liven up your hall/living space.

  1. Contemporary Decor for Sophistication

Creativity is key. Add classy accessories like flower vases, well-framed paintings and antique lamps to your hall room design. Ensure choosing neutral shades and various sizes to keep your guests curious.

  1. Greenery for the Power of Nature

Instead of buying an expensive relic, place a fresh, green plant in your room for a compelling impact. It builds the presence of life and nature.

  1. The Nirvana Corner

A house is only a home when it offers peace. Create tranquillity by dedicating a small corner of your living room and filling it with yellow lights for a serene space for your mind to heal.

  1. A reminder of the Past

Looking for a classy impact on yourself and your guests? Bring back the style and splendour you are missing. The historic chandelier being passed down through generations may just be what you need for your living room interior.

  1. Create Your Own Vibe

Set your abode the way you want. If you are a passionate collector, proudly show off your prized figurines or books. The walls are the best display area for this.

  1. Make ‘Basic’ the New ‘Special’

Since many have discarded the basic items, set the trend by displaying your favourite items in style on small stools and minimal furniture; simply authentic.

  1. Incorporate New-Age to the Classic

Niches are a traditional notion but you can easily include them in a modern setup with the help of spotlights, artwork and memorabilia.

  1. Heaven Above

Imagine the interior design for hall welcoming you with a carved false ceiling, lighting up the area. Try natural shades to create a regal ambience.

  1. Lord of Old-School

Fancy a raw look? A wooden floor with a matching rug and a comfy sofa; all highlighted by a modern painting should be perfect.

  1. Neutral Selection

Splash colour pops to make your living room interior design open up vibrantly.

Easily bring one of these ideas to life with the help of experts. Pick your favourite and revamp your hall.

Try these ideas to decorate your hall/living room in the best possible way. Consult with the experts.

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