1 BHK Interior Designer in Mumbai

1 BHK Interior design services in Mumbai

1 BHK Interior Design Service in Mumbai.

Make your 1 BHK flat into a luxury flat with help of our expert interior design team, by choosing our 

1 BHK interior design service in Mumbai.


If you want to live in a luxury home, you need not to buy big expensive flats, even if you own a 1 BHK flat our team can help you convert that flat into a luxury flat. A proper interior makeover of your flat needs detailed aesthetic analysis.

As the size of the flat can be anywhere between 530 Sq. Ft. to 750 Sq. Ft. Because of this there can be variations in size measurements, hence your 1 BHK Interior design cost will mainly depend on the quality of elements that you’re planning to include in the Interior design phase.


JWS Interior Design Pvt. Ltd. Is the trusted and well recognized 1 BHK Interior design company in Mumbai, specialized in delivering modern interior design to the clients. 

design ideas for 1 BHK Flat to get you inspired

1 BHK interior design idea

Don’t have any idea how your 1BHK Flat should look like?

1 bhk interior design - Bedroom Design
1 bhk interior design - Kitchen idea
living room interior design style
Living Room
1 bhk interior design - bathroom idea

Helping you manage the Interior design phase as your responsible interior decorator.


From the modern decors to the traditional ones, we can help you manage your 1 BHK flat interior decoration in the most professional way. Irrespective of your choices, we will make sure that your 1 BHK interior design needs will be appropriately answered and the interior design of your 1 BHK flat is carried out without burning hole into your budget.


When it comes to interior design, we are the top-level experts in it. Be it a residential or a commercial project we have never failed to met the expectations put forth by our clients, as we are best in the industry when it comes to affordable 1 BHK interior design ideas for 1 BHK Flat. 

1 BHK Interior design services in mumbai